ProAssign ApS finds the quality of our company, our employees, and the service to our customers very important. Our customers must know us as a professional organization that:

Safety is our primary focus because our employees are our most important asset. Therefore, we commit to ensuring the employees’ health and well-being and will continuously help to spread, protect, and develop safe work.

We strive to do our daily work in the most environmentally correct manner. Protecting our nature, and natural resources, and minimizing the negative impact on the environment is a matter of course for everyone in our organization.

The owners help and support positively the daily QHSE work. By focusing on quality and safety, we plan, organize, execute, and control our work to protect our:

We are achieving this with our Quality Management system (QMS). The owners have developed and implemented this to familiarize customers and other externals with the controls.

Our QMS assures that integrity is maintained and is focused on both customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.